Ttcats Cattery Maine Coons Terri & Mike Toulze (510) 677-5935 or (510)461-4082 East Bay Area, CA
Ttcats Cattery Maine Coons Terri & Mike Toulze (510) 677-5935 or (510)461-4082 East Bay Area, CA

Queens & Future Queens

CH Ttcats Vanity                                      Born 2/5/2018

Brown Mackerel tabby w/white


HCM = Negative by Parentage

SMA = Negative by Parentage

PKDEF = Negative by Parentage

Echocardiogram = Normal

CH Ttcats Donatella                            Born 2/23/2018

Silver Mackerel Odd-Eye Tabby with white


HCM = Negative by Parentage

SMA = Negative by parentage

PKDEF = Negative by Parentage

Echocardiogram = Pending

CH Dawntreader Jadis of Ttcats  (Solid white odd-eye POLYDACTYL)

Born: 6/1/2017

Hcm: n/n by parentage

Sma: n/n by parentage

PKDef: n/n by parentage

Baer Tested: normal


Echocardiogram: Normal

MainleyOurs Sunny Delight of Ttcats   (Red Solid)   Born: 9/22/2017

HCM: n/n by parentage

SMA: n/n by parentage

PKDEF: n/n by parentage


Echocardiogram: Normal

Coonplay Mackenzie of Ttcats                         Born: 10/1/2017

Silver Mackerel Tabby/white POLYDACTYL 

Hcm: n/n

Sma: n/n

PKDef: n/k


Echocardiogram: Normal


Ttcats Motto: "We LOVE what we do and we do what we LOVE " so come one, come all, bring the kids & lets have a ball cuz Ttcats Cattery is a place for ALL!

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