Ttcats Cattery Maine Coons Terri & Mike Toulze (510) 677-5935 or (510)461-4082 East Bay Area, CA
Ttcats Cattery Maine Coons Terri & Mike Toulze (510) 677-5935 or (510)461-4082 East Bay Area, CA

Available Kittens


Proud Parents of Litter born 4/12/2023

This pretty girl is Ttcats Miranda. Miranda is a brown ticked torbie. Miranda was born 4/12/2023

She was the first in her litter to explore, eat, and use the litter box. If interested in this beauty please email me directly.

Ttcats Miranda without photo props. Photos were just taken 5/29/23 and Miranda is 6.5 weeks old

Ttcats Phoebe is a Brown Mackerel Torbie who was born 4/12/2023. This little girl is fully potty trained and so full of life. She loves to play, and also loves attention. If interested in this beauty please email me at

Phoebe @ 6.5 weeks old. Photos taken 5/29/23

Proud parents of litter born 4/19/2023

Ttcats Shelby is a brown classic Torbie that was born 4/19/2023 She is just starting to come into her personality and potty training. She loves to be all up in your business and trys to be your helper. If you are interested in this beauty please email me directly at:

This is another photo of Ttcats Shelby that was just taken 5/29/2023. 

Ttcats Dream Catcher (Brown classic Torbie polydactyl) 

Myluckystars Finley of Ttcats (Creme Solid)


This litter is due end of June.


Males: Black, Blue, Red, Creme, Brown tabby, Blue tabby, Red tabby, creme tabby


Females: Red, Creme, Tortie, Blue-creme, red tabby, creme tabby, brown classic torbie, blue classic torbie



This litter will have polydactyl and regular foot!

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