Ttcats Cattery Maine Coons Terri & Mike Toulze (510) 677-5935 or (510)461-4082 East Bay Area, CA
Ttcats Cattery Maine Coons Terri & Mike Toulze (510) 677-5935 or (510)461-4082 East Bay Area, CA

Available Teenagers & Adults

All our teenagers, adults or retired adults will be spayed/neutered before they leave my cattery. Our cats are raised cage free with children and dogs. This is a perfect opportunity to own a purebred Maine Coon at a fraction of the cost!  Retiree's are those cats whom have been used in the breeding program and are being retired and looking for there forever home. Retiree's $1,000

Teenagers are 9-12 months old and NEVER bred. These are cats that we had under evaluation and decided to pet out. Teenager's $2,000-$2500. Adults are 1-2 years and under and NEVER used in the breeding program. Adults $1500-$2,000

Please check back regularly as we usually have retiree's available or know of catteries that do!

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